AfriForum safety structures provide assistance during Jagersfontein tragedy

AfriForum’s safety structures immediately responded to requests for help during the tragic disaster that struck Jagersfontein the past weekend. Large parts of this town in the Free State were flooded after a dam burst.

AfriForum deployed two drones to help rescue teams search for missing persons and gather live information.

AfriForum Community Safety’s extensive radio network was also used to establish communication between various role players. The floodwaters caused many power outages in the area, leaving cell phone towers inoperable and making communication nearly impossible. AfriForum was also able to liaise with mobile phone service providers to ensure that their generators are deployed to the affected mobile phone towers, thereby restoring signal to the area.

“We are grateful that our safety structures have the ability to extend a helping hand during such a tragic event. Although the aftermath of the disaster will be long lasting, it once again shows the importance of well-organised communities that can take hands and push through the most difficult times together,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

Visit www.afriforumbuurtwag.co.za to get involved with your local AfriForum safety structure.

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