AfriForum will use every possible means to stop hate campaign against Afrikaans schools and children

In response to the planned Basic Education Amendment Bill that was submitted to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education last week, AfriForum stated that this bill is nothing less than part of the ANC government’s hate campaign against Afrikaans children and schools.

The bill, which has been on the cards for more than five years, had been overwhelmingly opposed in the past by means of public reaction and legal opinions against it. Nevertheless, it is now on the table once more, with cosmetic changes having been made to it.

According to Alana Bailey, AfriForum’s Head of Cultural Affairs, the reason for this is clear ‒ the Department of Basic Education wants to centre more power in its own hands, and specifically also wishes to deprive the Afrikaans community of their schools and their right to education in Afrikaans.

“Children’s interests and future once again become a plaything in the hands of the power-hungry state. AfriForum will use all means at our disposal to ensure that the future of Afrikaans, Afrikaans schools and Afrikaans children is protected against this hate-driven attack,” she added.

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