AfriForum submits proposals for IDP at eDumbe Local Municipality

The AfriForum branch in Paulpietersburg made various proposals on behalf of its members at the eDumbe Local Municipality for the upcoming Integrated Development Plan (IDP) that annually needs to be reviewed by the council. This step was necessary to ensure that the needs of the Paulpietersburg residents are also heard.

“It is important for communities to have the necessary knowledge regarding legislation and to understand what is expected from the municipalities – such as supplying their inputs at the IDP road shows from the month of October,” says Eugene van Aswegen, AfriForum’s Provincial Coordinator for KwaZulu-Natal.

AfriForum has, among others, proposed the development of various by-laws, specifically for stray animals and illegal dumping. There are also requests for new streetlights and poles for the main streets, the rebuilding of various roads (including the route to the silos), better dustbins, cattle camps, as well as a cement road next to the tarred road between the industrial area and the town.

AfriForum will in future regularly hold follow-up meetings with the eDumbe Local Municipality regarding the progress of these proposals.

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