The civil rights organisation AfriForum today opened the AfriForum Teater, a new theatre on the premises previously occupied by the Brooklyn Theatre. This 380-seat theatre is situated in the Greenlyn Village Centre in Menlo Park, Pretoria. A new restaurant, PRONK, also opened at the AfriForum Teater.

According to the organisation, the AfriForum Teater was founded to ensure – in light of the devastating effect that the COVID 19 pandemic had on the theatre industry – a sustainable home where Afrikaans arts can continue and flourish. A variety of Afrikaans productions, artists and cultural community and school events will be staged in future at the AfriForum Teater.

Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, says that the newly founded AfriForum Teater is the latest addition to AfriForum and the Solidarity Movement’s self-management plan to create community institutions. These institutions are aimed at making communities self-reliant and no longer dependent on the state, thereby ensuring a bright future for Afrikaners, our culture and descendants despite the deterioration that is visible in many terrains across our country. “Just like the Solidarity Movement’s new Sol-Tech campus offers a place where we can ensure that Afrikaans plays its part in tertiary education, the AfriForum Teater will offer a place where Afrikaans art can come into its own,” Kriel says.

The theatre will officially open to the public on 6 and 7 March 2021 with the popular show Die storie van Afrikaanse musiek by Pieter Smit, and Nagliedjies by the composer-pianist Franco Prinsloo. Tickets for both shows are limited and COVID-19 regulations will be adhered to strictly.

Tickets for both shows are available online at www.dappermedia.co.za. Interested people can also book directly at the theatre by emailing teater@afriforum.co.za or visiting the AfriForum Teater website at www.afriforumteater.co.za.

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