AfriForum warns against heat wave; shares safety tips during these conditions

AfriForum warns against heat wave conditions that are expected to last until Sunday 11 February across parts of the country. Provinces affected by these conditions are the Free State, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal. This heat wave increases the risk for wildfires with conditions also favourable for runaway wildfires. Furthermore, these extremely hot conditions also pose the danger for people, especially the elderly and children, to easily dehydrate.

AfriForum has compiled a summarising guide on how to be ready when your immediate surroundings are affected by a heat wave. This includes, among other things, how to take precautions for this extreme heat as well as tips on survival during and after a heat wave.

Some of the tips summarised in the guide to be safe during a heat wave include never leaving any adults, children and pets in vehicles; to wear light colours and cotton clothing; to take a cold shower or bath regularly to bring your body temperature down; to drink enough water and electrolytes often; and – if possible – to avoid any exercise or work in the midday heat.

“During a heat wave it is especially important that precautions are taken for the elderly, children and pets such as drinking enough fluids and staying out of the sun to prevent heat cramps, heat exhaustion or sunstroke,” says Tarien Cooks, Disaster Management Specialist for AfriForum.

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