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AfriForum would like to congratulate Dr Theo de Jager, Executive Director of the Southern Africa Agri-Initiative (Saai), on his re-election as president of the World Agriculture Organisation (WAO) today in in Luxembourg. This will be the first time in the WAO’s history that a president serves for two terms.

Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, welcomed Dr De Jager’s re-election and wished him all the best for his new term.

“We are very positive about this and are of the opinion that Dr De Jager’s re-election will grant him a larger international platform where he can take a stand on behalf of family farmers.”

“AfriForum also believes that Dr De Jager’s position will give him an opportunity for international liaison and to bring important South-African issues, such as farm murders and expropriation without compensation, under the attention of important role players.”

AfriForum and Saai are working together to address issues of common interest – such as farm security and opposing expropriation without compensation.

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