AfriForum Youth’s legal team has just filed court papers against the unlawful decision of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to withdraw bursaries that had been awarded to students. AfriForum Youth has been contacted by numerous students who have been informed since March 2020 that they no longer qualify for the NSFAS bursaries, even though they had been honest in their applications and were initially approved.

“The court application has been submitted and the relief we are asking of the court is twofold. We ask the court to rule on the merits of the case, in other words that the students should receive their bursary money as NSFAS had undertaken, but also that a certification process should be allowed. There are three applicants in the application (two students from Stellenbosch University and one student from the North-West University), but because we have so many students’ details, we request the court that the same relief granted to these three, should also be given to the other students whose details will be certified as being correct by our legal team,” says Chantelle du Preez, AfriForum Youth’s National Coordinator of Tertiary Institutions.

Approximately 5 000 students are now facing uncertain times because the universities they are studying at are demanding payment of the outstanding fees from them. Most of these students have no other financing options and their parents are also not in a position to support them. Students fear that they will not be able to complete their studies and may even have to discontinue their studies as a result of NSFAS’ failure to adhere to its undertakings.

AfriForum Youth will continue acting on behalf of these students and put pressure on NSFAS to ensure that the students who are building their future, will not become victims of fraud and political interference.

Get involved with these university campuses’ youth structures today and help to make a difference: Send an email to chantelle.dupreez@afriforum.co.za or SMS “NSFAS” to 32687 (R1).

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