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The proto team of AfriForum’s Riversdale neighbourhood watch, which forms part of the organisation’s Hessequa branch, assisted the SAPS in the last two weeks of May to successfully execute a number of operations. The proto team is a group within the neighbourhood watch who underwent specialised training.

The operation included among others the issuing of warrants, visits to criminals who are on parole, visits to drug dens and patrols to increase visibility in the community. The planning of these operations was done in cooperation with the SAPS before each was executed. Various people were arrested and a large quantity of drugs was seized. All role-players view the operations as very successful.

AfriForum’s Riversdale proto team underwent intensive training over the last two years, including training that peace officers and law-enforcers undergo. This ensures that the SAPS can confidently involve the proto team to protect the Riversdale community.

“AfriForum’s Riversdale proto team is very proud to be able to serve the community in this manner. The team is grateful to the SAPS, especially Capt. January, for trusting the team. It is a privilege to work together and the team is extremely proud of the mutual trust that has been established. AfriForum’s Riversdale neighbourhood watch and proto team will continue to cooperate with and assist other organisation,” says Johan Crous, leader of AfriForum’s Riversdale neighbourhood watch and member of the proto team.

SMS “Veilig” to 45350 (R1) to join one of AfriForum’s safety structures.

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