AfriForum’s Senekal branch directs enquiries regarding excessive expenditures in IDP

The AfriForum branch in Senekal on 12 February supplied feedback in writing on the concept version of the Setsoto Local Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2017/2018 to 2021. This follows after the Municipality last year made an undertaking to hold public meetings with the community regarding the IDP, but it was however postponed until this year due to complaints that not all parties were properly invited. No new date has in the meantime been announced for a public meeting and there is some uncertainty regarding whether such a meeting will in fact take place. As a result, the Senekal branch sent various complaints and suggestions concerning the IDP to the Mayor of the Municipality as well as the Municipal Manager. 

The branch’s complaints are mainly concerned with misappropriation and uncertainty regarding the excessive large amounts being budgeted for expenditures that should be less. This include the following:

  • Five JoJo water tanks at R81 442 (R16 289 per tank). The branch in the meantime established that the same water tanks can be purchased in Senekal at R5 500 per tank.
  • The branch queries why R500 000 must be budgeted for advertisement costs, as well as R250 000 for food and drinkables for traffic officials. Other marketing related expenses being queried include R500 000 that is set aside for a client satisfaction survey, as well as R1 000 000 for the amendment to the trademark of municipal buildings and a newsletter.
  • There is some uncertainty regarding Senekal’s indoor sports centre (R10 359 700) and if estimates were done for maintenance of the site as well as payments for the staff tasked with maintaining this centre.
  • Financial support is given to various festivals, whilst the Senekal Show, which is celebrating its 108th birthday this year, receives no support whatsoever from the Setsoto Local Municipality.
  • R528 000 for new laptops being allocated to councillors.

The branch also requested the Municipality to supply proof that they are actively working on solutions with regard to the serious water crisis being experienced for the last five to six years in Senekal and Matwabeng. Action is furthermore required regarding the sewage crisis that is continuing, together with obsolete infrastructure that is not being replaced or repaired.

The branch requested the Municipality to supply feedback within 14 days of receipt of the letter.

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