A murder suspect finally appeared in court today after continuous pressure by AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) made a U-turn with regards to its original decision not to prosecute the accused in a murder case after AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit assisted the complainant in the case.

The husband of the complainant in the case was shot dead in January 2020 in Richards Bay while she also sustained a bullet wound to her hand.

The complainant and her husband on 26 January 2020 observed a commotion in the neighbourhood and went to investigate. The accused fired off a shot that led to the death of the complainant’s husband. The same bullet hit the complainant in her hand. The alleged murderer lived in the same neighbourhood as the victims.

The deceased’s family decided to emigrate to the USA as a result of the incident. The SAPS investigated the crime, but the NPA initially failed to prosecute. This despite the fact that the police investigation concluded that the bullet and used cartridge found on the scene was fired off with a firearm registered in the name of the accused.

AfriForum assisted the complainant by bringing an application for a nolle prosequi certificate, after which the NPA made a U-turn regarding its decision not to prosecute.

“Sometimes one thinks you cannot be shocked any further by the careless attitude of the SAPS and the NPA when it comes to certain cases, but then something like this happens. There is clear evidence that the accused caused the death of the victim and the ballistic tests even show that it was his firearm that was used in the incident. The authorities nevertheless decided not to prosecute until AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit became involved and then all of a sudden they decided to continue. It is extremely disappointing,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s Manager of Campaigns.

The case has been postponed until 30 July 2021.

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