Gauteng parents must register early for 2020 school year

The civil rights watchdog AfriForum found out after several attempts that the Gauteng school registration platform for the 2020 school year will open on 13 May 2019.

AfriForum is making an urgent plea to parents to not let the chance go by and to immediately register their children on 13 May for the 2020 school year. 

The proposed school regulations for the 2020 school year were approved in March 2019 after this change attracted a lot of opposition last year. Parents need to know how these changes will affect their children and preferred schools.

The changes include, among others, that the language of instruction is not important, which means that any child can be placed in any school even if they cannot speak the school’s language of instruction. 

Children can also be placed in any school within a 30 km radius, which will bring about numerous transportation and support problems for parents and children.

The power of governing bodies are drastically restricted by these regulations and parents and learners will not be adequately represented by the school governing body. 

“Panyaza Lesufi is however continuing with his transformation and integration plan at schools. The problem is that the quality of education in Gauteng is not going to improve with multiracial, integrated schools, but rather with more focus on mother tongue education and the building of more schools to subsequently create a more favourable educational environment for learners in Gauteng,” says Carien Bloem, AfriForum’s Project Coordinator for Education.

“AfriForum is planning a comprehensive campaign to support parents with the online registration process. We are encouraging parents to stay informed of all information regarding the registration process to subsequently prevent your children from becoming a victim of this system. It may contain negative consequences for your children’s entire school career,” concludes Bloem.   

For more information about the online registration process and regulations, visit AfriForum’s website under the division “VIR SKOLE” or

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