Hate Speech Bill

The proposed Prevention and Combatting of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill was published for comments. AfriForum feels that genuine hate crimes and speech should be punishable, but that this Bill distorts the meaning thereof. If the Bill is passed into law, it could mean that speech that is currently protected by the Constitution could be regarded as a crime.

Freedom of expression is important to ensure the survival of our democracy; it allows people to have healthy debates and seek the truth, and promotes a tolerant society.

Many of the concepts in the Bill, such as “emotional harm”, are subjective and could be misinterpreted and exploited. The inconsistent way in which racism is currently being condemned and punished in South Africa makes one skeptical of whether offenders will be consistently punished under this Bill.

Help AfriForum to defend your constitutional right to freedom of expression.

Sign the petition to get Ernst Roets to oppose this Bill in Parliament.


Ernst Roets, deputy CEO of AfriForum, discusses the issue of expropriation without compensation in parliament.

AfriForum’s comments on the Hate Speech Bill

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