Identify water leakages in the Free State. 

Towns in the Matjhabeng municipal area have been burdened with water problems for a considerable time. Communities, schools, old-age homes, businesses, etc. are battling with water interruptions every day that continue for days or even weeks on end. AfriForum installed emergency water points in the areas where the community can fetch water, but it is not sufficient. People want water in their homes. One of the biggest reasons for the water interruptions is the poor state of water infrastructure. There are pipes that leak a great deal and AfriForum needs your help to identify the leakages and to report it to the Municipality in order for it to be repaired. AfriForum therefore requests residents of the undermentioned towns to please report any leakages in and around Matjhabeng municipal area here to enable us to address the problem. We thus need the following:

The leakages that are reported here, will be sent to the Municipality on a weekly basis to be repaired. If the Municipality does not repair the leakages AfriForum reserves the right to approach the court and force them to repair the leakages.

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