Landowner’s permission form

This form is used to obtain permission from the owner o f the premises where the drone activities will be executed, so that the drone pilot may fly on the premises.

"*" indicates required fields

DD slash MM slash YYYY

, hereby grant permission to
, to access and utilise the following described property for the purpose of
(specify purpose, e.g. conducting[aktiwiteit] [activity], installing [equipment], [toerusting]etc.):

DD slash MM slash YYYY
DD slash MM slash YYYY

Irrevocably and unequivocally the following:

The undersigned acknowledges and confirms that the undersigned has been informed of the reason for the request to enter the undersigned’s property and conduct drone flights over the undersigned’s property by pilots and drones as designated by the local AfriForum Branch and Neighbourhood Watch. The undersigned hereby confirms that authorization is granted by the undersigned for the undersigned’s premises to be entered by neighbourhood watch members in order to undertake the flight with the drone(s) in the airspace of the undersigned’s property.

The undersigned hereby warrants that the undersigned acts voluntarily, of his/her own free will, and without any undue influence in the signing of this document. The undersigned further confirms that he/she is capable of signing these documents and indemnifies all persons and entities involved in the flight accordingly.

The undersigned hereby indemnifies AfriForum, its institutions, employees, contractors, consultants, directors, members, volunteers, agents, and affiliates, or any person acting in his or her capacity in the organization, placement, and coordination of the flight against any criminal prosecution under section 1 of Act 6 of 1959 and/or any other legislation in this regard.

DD slash MM slash YYYY

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