Mthethwa’s request to SA Rugby smells like dictatorship

AfriForum regards Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa’s insistence that SA Rugby take action against players who didn’t bend the knee for the leftist, politically driven Black Lives Matters movement, as dictatorial. This follows Mthethwa’s reaction after eight South African players didnt kneel down before a game between Harlequins and Sale Sharks this past weekend.

“Mthethwa’s request is characteristic of a government that is acting increasingly dictatorial and wants to prescribe to citizens what they must think and how they must act,” says Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum.

Roets further emphasises the fact that the #BLM movement – which drives a strong Marxist agenda – and the fight against racism isn’t the same thing.

“People can make their own choices on how to fight racism. It doesn’t mean people have to support an ideologically charged movement they don’t agree with, in order for them to participate in the struggle against racism,” says Roets.

The agenda driven by the #BLM movement is aimed at destroying family values, community institutions and the Western culture and history.

The leftists currently succeed in getting people to bend the knee by creating the illusion that their viewpoints represent the all-absorbing public opinion, one that everyone should buy into. They succeed in this by using intolerant and intimidating strategies to falsely label anyone who dare think differently from them as racists and villains.

“You don’t have to bend the knee or support the #BLM movement in order to fight racism. It is everyone’s choice and right to make this decision,” says Roets.

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