Municipal valuations: Check yours!

Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has just published their property valuation roll which will be valid for the next four years. AfriForum wants to strongly emphasise that this presents home owners with the opportunity to check their property’s valuation and ensure that the Municipality assesses them at the correct tariff.  

“This is an opportunity for community members to ensure that their property valuation is calculated correctly, as this valuation together with the applicable tariff will determine their property tax. They should therefore make use of this opportunity,” explains Lambert de Klerk, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Gauteng North.

Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality made the valuation roll available on their website at ( Home owners should search for their property details and ensure that the valuation of their property is correct. In case of a major inconsistency, they should appeal against the valuation by completing the forms that are available on the same web page.

“It is very important, however, that home owners are always honest when they check these amounts. It makes no sense to declare a dispute simply to obtain a lower valuation, while this valuation does not mirror the reality. Remember that applications for a lower valuation may be taken to the Valuations Appeal Board, and if the Board finds the appeal to be vexatious, a cost order may be granted against the home owner,” says Morné Mostert, AfriForum’s Coordinator for Local Government Affairs.

AfriForum will monitor the situation in case of inconsistencies for any tendencies.

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