Keep government from taking control of your company!

  1. The Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) will be allowed to make the company shares register available to anyone “as prescribed”. Moreover, a public register of all public shareholders in all registered companies will be kept. This opens the door to more government interference in the ownership of companies.  
  1. In terms of the proposed amendments, the Companies Tribunal will have the authority to hear cases on broad-based black economic empowerment (BB-BEE) that are referred from the BB-BEE Commission. The Companies Tribunal will therefor be able to make BB-BEE more binding and obligatory. This is cause for major concern.  
  1. Companies will be required to name their highest and lowest salary earners, the average salary as well as the gap between the top and bottom 5%. 

AfriForum will submit commentary against this amendment bill in a bid to protect your company. You can help us.  

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