New management holds Kempton Park branch close to its heart

AfriForum’s Kempton Park branch elected new management on Monday (8 April). However, the newly elected management is no stranger to the branch, as most of the members have had the branch’s interests at heart for years.

The new branch management consists of Jan Vermaak (chairman), Rolinda Badenhorst (treasurer), Ernest Hoddinott (community safety), Lindi van Eeden (secretary), Mila Jacobs (youth) and Jacques van Eeden (media and marketing).

Vermaak says AfriForum’s Kempton Park branch and the surrounding community are extremely close to his heart, which is why he strives to use this restructuring to create an environment where every member’s voice is heard and the community’s challenges are addressed promptly. “We will build on the existing structures and thereby further strengthen the community,” says Vermaak.

The new management plans to continue with the branch’s existing projects and expand the neighborhood watch to ensure the safety of the community. This branch has already launched recycling projects and regularly visits local retirement homes to offer support to the elderly. The branch’s neighborhood watch also has a large presence in Kempton Park. Their drone has already made a big difference in the safety of the community. “The new management will certainly build on these successes,” says Jurie Ferreira, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the East Rand.

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