AfriForum demands action from Sanral before any more trailers are blown off Western Cape bridge

The inclement weather in the Western Cape wreaked havoc on the bridge at the Huguenot Tunnel for the umpteenth time when a trailer and a caravan were blown off the bridge in two separate incidents this past weekend. Both fell nearly 45 meters. This, along with two other vehicles that overturned on the same bridge, is the latest in a series of incidents caused by dangerous winds over the years. However, AfriForum believes that with the necessary planning by the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), the events of the weekend need not repeat themselves.

“Given the seriousness of the situation and the potential dangers it poses, AfriForum believes it is of the utmost importance to confront this issue immediately to ensure the safety of all motorists,” says Deon de Jager, AfriForum’s Head of Community Structures for the South Region.

AfriForum sent an urgent letter to SANRAL today regarding the safety risks on the bridge at the Huguenot Tunnel. In this, AfriForum demands that SANRAL take action by joining forces with the civil rights organization to solve the problem.

AfriForum is currently in discussion with weather and security experts to present short and long-term solutions to SANRAL. These experts are investigating the possibility of using modern technology to measure wind speeds and issue early warnings to motorists driving over the bridge. In addition, AfriForum is also investigating long-term solutions, including the possibility of raising barriers on high-lying bridges to offer better protection against strong winds. AfriForum is in discussions with civil engineers to determine the viability and feasibility of these measures.

“We are grateful that there was no loss of life during last weekend’s incidents, but it cannot be said that motorists will be so lucky next time. We believe that cooperation between AfriForum and SANRAL is essential in tackling this urgent issue,” concludes De Jager.

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