Potholes no longer hindrance for ambulances after Benoni branch repairs 57 of them

AfriForum’s Benoni branch has ensured that emergency services can now respond to emergencies without fear of hitting a pothole and putting countless lives at risk. The branch and numerous volunteers repaired a total of 57 potholes in the area this past weekend. These potholes frequently hampered ambulance’s ability to respond to emergencies, often seriously damaging the vehicles.

The branch enlisted the help of D.O.T Towing and Recovery on Saturday (May 4) to regulate traffic while potholes were filled in Fifth Avenue, as well as Beryl, Mercury, Maan, Eybers and Shakespeare Street.

“It was extremely dangerous for motorists and pedestrians to be on these roads. After it came to light that ambulances were frequently damaged due to the potholes, and human lives were therefore put at risk, the Benoni branch had to act immediately,” says Jurie Ferreira, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the East Rand.

“Apart from the fact that the Ekurhuleni Local Municipality is failing to fulfil its responsibility to the community, it is encouraging to see residents working together to improve their environment. It shows that when communities work together, they can make a significant difference in everyone’s lives,” says Ferreira.

This initiative illustrates the impact of community-driven projects and highlights the importance of community involvement in addressing multitude of challenges. AfriForum’s Benoni branch encourages residents to take ownership of their environment. Visit www.wordlid.co.za to get involved with AfriForum.

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