AfriForum’s Springs neighbourhood watch in Endicott receives new firefighting equipment

The AfriForum branch and neighbourhood watch in Springs delivered firefighting equipment to the Endicott neighbourhood watch on 16 October 2020. A firefighter with a trailer was given to Endicott to help them fight fires.

The Springs branch also built an additional firefighting trailer that can be used for multiple purposes during firefighting. The trailer is equipped with two fire extinguishers, firefighting equipment and water tank with pump and motor. The equipment was purchased earlier but could not be used effectively with well-equipped trailer.

Because many fires are fought at night, the trailer is also equipped with floodlights to allow for better visibility.

“The equipment was just delivered when we received an emergency call about a fire in Fifth Avenue. The trailer allows the Endicott neighbourhood watch to fight fires effectively, especially during the dry winter months, when veld fires occur frequently and often get out of control,” says Cornel Swart, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Springs branch.

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