Complaints channel for misconduct by metro police

AfriForum is currently assisting two victims of alleged abuse of power by the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD). Kymie du Toit and prof. André Thomashausen recently fell victim to alleged misconduct by some TMPD members and to date nobody has been held accountable. AfriForum got involved in these cases to ensure the TMPD members involved are acted against, as an example for others in the TMPD who make a habit of harassing motorists.

AfriForum appreciates metro police officers who diligently do their duty and who work at ensuring the safety of road users, but strongly condemns these alleged cases of abuse of power and misconduct by some TMPD members. For this reason the civil rights organisation has opened a complaints channel where the public can report any misconduct (such as bribe requests).

These complaints will also be sent directly to lieutenant-general Johanna Nkomo, Head of the TMPD.

AfriForum has also compiled a guide on what road users can do to protect their rights.

Ditlhahlo tša baotledi ba difatanaga bao ba ka emišwago ke maphodisa a metro

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