Interkulturele Samewerking


Mutual recognition and respect are important to AfriForum and this is why AfriForum is also working to promote intercultural cooperation in southern Africa. Reality simply is that society comprises different cultural communities living side by side. Good relations between communities are crucial for sustainable peaceful coexistence and a free, safe and prosperous future.

At grassroots level there generally is respect and goodwill among traditional and civil leaders and also among ordinary citizens belonging to different cultural communities. AfriForum therefore believes that community institutions must assume responsibility to protect and promote this respect and goodwill and not to allow politicians to cause polarisation.

The idea that governments are not going to solve all the problems experienced by communities is gaining wider traction. For this reason, AfriForum is developing relationships with community institutions of other cultural communities by tackling joint projects that promote community self-reliance and subsidiarity. Successful communities follow an approach of creative rejuvenation based on proven values and experience. In view of this, there is cooperation to preserve language, culture and heritage because this is important for maintaining and developing cultural identity and the eventual sustainable continued existence of communities.

AfriForum is also working with traditional leadership structures as important community institutions of cultural communities in order to promote community self-reliance and to prevent these institutions from being hijacked and abused by politicians.

AfriForum is following an approach of binding and bridging. We bind Afrikaners to one another and mobilise energy to build a future for us, and we build bridges with other communities so that communities may live in full freedom, safety and prosperity in peaceful coexistence with one another.



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