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NHI will give the ANC the sole right and all the power over healthcare in the country. This means that your healthcare will be managed in the same way as all the other failed state enterprises, such as Eskom, that tax will be further increased and that the healthcare system will collapse. AfriForum continues to oppose the bill in all possible ways.

“Our primary concern is that the NHI will probably turn into a very expensive failure that will not improve the quality of healthcare or accessibility for the South African population. The NHI will also violate the constitutional rights of millions of South Africans by forcing them to rely on a healthcare plan that has been doomed to failure from the start and prohibit the use of private alternatives,” says Louis Boshoff, spokesperson for AfriForum. Do not allow the state to take charge of your health.

AfriForum has already submitted written comments on the NHI Bill, but encourages members to also submit individual comments based on AfriForum’s detailed viewpoints.  

What is National Health Insurance (NHI)?

The NHI is a central fund that the state wants to create, which will be executed by the various provincial health departments. The NHI-programme will be funded through additional tax revenue. The public can still belong to their own medical aid, but medical aids will only be able to cover healthcare treatment not provided by the NHI. The state will also make use of the services of private medical facilities and will exercise price control over medication and services. This effectively means that the state will be in control of the entire healthcare sector.

The Problem with National Health Insurance

AfriForum argues that the NHI is yet another unrealistic and socialistic state project that will limit and ultimately destroy the freedom of the public (as healthcare consumers), as well as the freedom of doctors and other healthcare practitioners (as the suppliers of healthcare). The NHI will destroy the private healthcare sector, and all service delivery will be lowered to the level of our current public healthcare sector. This will mean that everyone in the country will ultimately be subjected to poor state services due to affordability reasons.

AfriForum furthermore views the NHI as a direct attack on the middle class and on quality healthcare in South Africa. We also view this as a desperate attempt to compensate for the self-created mess in the public healthcare sector. There are also too few taxpayers in the country to fund the NHI, and the economy is growing too slowly to make the NHI sustainable. As a result of a shortage of healthcare practitioners, medicine and people to fund the NHI, healthcare will ultimately be more expensive for everyone. The implementation of the NHI will further cause a previously unseen exodus of skilled healthcare professionals. In June 2021, the South African Medical Association warned that as many as 38% of its 12 000 members planned to emigrate if the NHI were to be implemented. In addition to this, a further 6% planned to emigrate for other reasons and a further 17% said they were unsure about leaving the country if NHI were to be implemented.

The damning findings of the Zondo Commission in which widespread state capture was exposed should serve as enough of a deterrent to not monopolise yet another sector. It should be noted, however, that the NHI will be managed on a much larger scale than other state-owned enterprises, opening the door for even greater failure and financial losses. As such, despite the government’s usual empty promises, there is absolutely no guarantee that the NHI will not go the same way as other state-owned enterprises. With this considered, the NHI amounts to nothing but irresponsible gambling with the health sector, and therefore with millions of South Africans’ lives.


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Public hearings

There is now an opportunity to make oral comments on the NHI Draft Bill. Public hearings will take place as follows:

Nelson Mandela Metro and Sarah Baartman

Tuesday 10 October10:00Graaff-ReinetAlex Laing hall
Wednesday 11 October10:00KougaNewton hall
Thursday 12 October10:00KariegaBabs Madlakana
Friday 13 October10:00GqeberhaNangoza Jebe

Joe Gqabi and Chris Hani

Tuesday 10 October10:00ElundiniIliso Lomzi community hall
Wednesday 11 October10:00Walter SisuluBurgersdorp town hall
Thursday 12 October10:00AB Xuma Local MunicipalityNgcobo town hall
Friday 13 October10:00Chris Hani District MunicipalityIndoor sport centre – Side hall

Alfred Nzo and OR Tambo

Tuesday 10 October10:00MatatieleHarry Park community hall
Wednesday 11 October10:00Mt AyliffAlfred Nzo District Municipality’s conference centre  
Thursday 12 October10:00LusikisikiSt Elizabeth health resource centre
Friday 13 October10:00MthathaMthatha town hall

Amathole and Buffalo City Metro

Tuesday 10 October10:00MbhasheButterworth town hall
Wednesday 11 October10:00Raymond MhlabaFurther details of the exact venue will follow
Thursday 12 October10:00East LondonCambridge hall
Friday 13 October10:00King William’s TownKing William’s Town hall

West Rand Region

Tuesday, 24 October 202310:00–13:00KrugersdorpMogale City centenary hall


Friday 20 October10:00–13:00CenturionLaudium civic centre

Northern Cape

Wednesday 18 October11:00KurumanBendel community hall
Wednesday 18 October11:00SpringbokOkiep community hall
Thursday 19 October11:00UpingtonThembelihle service centre Paballelo
Thursday 19 October11:00De AarDe Aar East community hall

North West

Thursday 19 October10:00RustenburgBojanala Rustenburg city hall
Thursday 19 October10:00MahikengNgaka Modiri Molema Embassy hall
Thursday 19 October10:00PotchefstroomDr Kenneth Kaunda Banquet hall
Thursday 19 October10:00VryburgDr RS Mompati Kismet community hall

Raise your voice against this harmful bill and protect the health freedom of millions of citizens!