AfriForum and Saai donate fodder to farmers of Volmoed

AfriForum and Saai on 12 October worked together to donate 120 tonnes of fodder to farmers in the Volmoed area. The fodder, which consists of feed pellets for ostriches and lucerne, was dropped off at Karoo Lusern that graciously made their site available.

The donation follows shortly after a visit to the area by a delegation of Saai, led by Dr Theo de Jager, in September to investigate the oppressive drought. The critical situation in which specifically the Volmoed area’s farming community finds themselves hit hard and the process was set in motion to make the fodder donation possible.

“This area is burdened with the worst drought imaginable. Water resources are depleted, temperatures are high and still the outcome evades us. In my more than 30 years on the farm as a full-time farmer I haven’t seen it as bad as this. Donations such as these create the hope which our farmers cling to. Today it was possible to make the circumstances of 50 farmers a bit more bearable. We are sincerely thankful for the welcome donation,” says Laubscher Coetzee, a farmer in the Volmoed area.

“I joined the team of Saai on the visit to the Klein Karoo and the unbelievable distress in which these farmers find themselves touched us deeply. AfriForum and Saai subsequently took hands and made funds available that were used to purchase this fodder. We would like to thank the farmers for their hospitality and we salute your courage,” says Henk Maree, AfriForum’s representative during this project.

“Those of us that live here also see how Oudtshoorn as a town is bleeding during this drought. The town community is immensely dependent on a healthy farming community. With the current state of affairs, a donation to the farmers also has an impact on the town in its entirety. We are proud to be part of the initiative and would like to thank everyone that made it possible, among which Laubscher Coetzee, who helped with the logistical arrangements, Johan Conradie and his local branch management who jumped in to help, and Saai,” says Arno Greyling, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Southern Cape.

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