AfriForum organises peaceful protest action against farm murders in Senekal for Friday

AfriForum decided to proceed with the arrangements to hold a peaceful protest action against farm murders and violence on Friday, 16 October at 10:00 in Senekal. AfriForum made this decision to ensure that the voice of the peaceful majority, that want to show their anger and dissatisfaction about the acts of terrorism on farms in an organised manner, is not silenced by a small group of instigators and the provocative behaviour of the EFF. AfriForum and violence-stricken communities have the absolute right to be enraged by murders such as the one on the young Brendin Horner, but AfriForum believes that it is important that the reasonable case to demand action against farm murders must not be polluted by those who want to discredit the fight against farm murders.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, his organisation’s safety teams will have a discussion with other roleplayers, including agricultural structures like Saai and the police, regarding suitable grounds for the protest action and the measures to be taken to prevent groups with other motives to disrupt the protest action.

Kriel pointed out that AfriForum received information that the country’s safety services deployed a small group of agents provocateurs during last week’s protest action in Senekal to incite violence and in this way discredit the fight against farm murders and the peaceful majority of participants in the protest. According to Kriel this information corresponds with the observations of AfriForum’s safety team and other structures during last week’s protest action. “It was observed that at least five men were placed strategically in the crowd and made inflammatory remarks. These men continuously communicated with each other on their cellphones and some even wore masks completely covering their faces to hide their identity. When a small group incited by this inflammatory behaviour stormed the courtroom, these men ran to their vehicles and drove away,” says Kriel.

AfriForum appeals to the people that want to show their dissatisfaction with farm murders in an organised manner to join the protest action being organised by AfriForum and to not allow those who want to discredit the protest against farm murders to incite unacceptable behaviour.

As soon as the arrangements for Friday have been finalised, AfriForum will announce more details on the protest action on its Facebook page and other media channels.

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