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AfriForum holds peaceful protest action in Senekal

The civil rights organisation AfriForum addressed its supporters in Senekal today at a peaceful protest against farm murders.

This follows the murder of Brendin Horner (22), who was cruelly killed recently on a farm near Senekal. The suspects in the case appeared in court in Senekal today.

“AfriForum is proud that our supporters today showed that you can be angry about farm murders and the terror that is unleashed on our farms, but at the same time displaying this anger in a very orderly fashion,” says Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, who also attended the protest. “We also wanted to show that we won’t be intimidated by the EFF into halting our work. Our message is very clear: We are focusing on the true problem of terror on our farms.”

AfriForum unveiled its plans to curb farm attacks to supporters at the gathering.

The civil rights organisation currently has 157 neighbourhood watches across the country, with almost 12 000 active members, 4 612 analogue radios, 61 relay stations, 708 national radios, a trauma counselling unit and various control rooms. Support is provided to neighbourhood, farm and plot watches in the form of legal support, as well as specific legal support to farmers who protected themselves and their families. Air support is provided through 14 drones and 34 drone pilots.

“We want to encourage farmers to join their local neighbourhood watch to ensure a safe environment. This involvement will also ensure the expert involvement of safety role-players,” Kriel says.

Other speakers who attended the gathering included Flip Buys, Chairperson of the Solidarity Movement, Soks Masoka of the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (AFASA), and Dr Theo de Jager, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Saai.

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