AfriForum neighbourhood watches maintain momentum in the fight against crime

AfriForum’s community safety structures have again achieved numerous successes in the past week in the fight to help secure their communities.

In the early morning hours of 13 November, the Brakpan neighbourhood watch responded to reports of a vehicle accident on the R23. One of the vehicles caught fire and the driver was trapped in the wreck. AfriForum members, in collaboration with other private role players, managed to rescue the driver from the burning car and secured the scene while the AfriForum fire team extinguished the flames.

The neighbourhood watch members of the Pionier branch in Pretoria caught a burglar on 14 November. The suspect was in possession of several suspected stolen items, as well as equipment to carry out burglaries. The suspect was handed over to the police.

A neighbourhood watch member in Secunda also noticed a suspected drug transaction on 16 November. The member kept an eye on the suspect and called the police.

AfriForum’s Delmas neighbourhood watch helped apprehend an escaped prisoner on 17 November. The suspect escaped from the local court and went on the run. AfriForum members deployed a drone to help with the search and the suspect was located and arrested shortly afterwards.

This week, AfriForum members were also involved in the search for a farmer who was presumably swept away by floodwaters. AfriForum’s air wing also deployed a drone. The search is still ongoing.

“The incredible successes that our neighbourhood watches achieve on a daily basis only show once again that well-organised communities can really make a difference by taking control of their own safety,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

“It is clear that the more people get involved in their local security structures, the more successes we achieve”, concludes Broodyrk.

AfriForum has 159 neighbourhood and farm watch structures nationwide.

Get involved with your nearest AfriForum neighbourhood watch by visiting www.afriforumbuurtwag.co.za.

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