AfriForum plants more than 2 500 trees for a greener future

AfriForum planted approximately 2 530 trees countrywide in 2019 as part of the civil rights organisation’s national arbour month project.

In conclusion of this project, AfriForum, Solidarity and Solidarity Helping Hand planted more than 500 trees in Orania in the last week of September. During the second phase of this project an additional 500 trees will be planted in Orania during October.

“By planting indigenous trees we are not only preserving our environment and making it a more beautiful place to live in, but we are also showing that we have hope for the future. Trees are much more than simply an important part of the ecosystem or an essential natural resource – trees are symbolic of life,” says Lambert de Klerk, AfriForum’s Manager of Environmental Affairs.

While the world is now divided surrounding the issue of climate change and global warming, as showcased by the #ClimateStrike, AfriForum believes that it is not meaningful to simply talk about and conduct debates surrounding it. Everyone that is concerned about the environment and the climate can make a difference themselves by each simply planting one indigenous tree. Both individuals and governments must rather follow the example of Ethiopia, which earlier this year planted more than 350 million trees within 12 hours. The impact of similar actions will most definitely enrich our society!

AfriForum annually focuses on both a tree species that occurs commonly and a scarce tree species. The common tree for 2019 is the marula (Sclerocarya birrea), while the scarce tree is the apple leaf (Philenoptera violacea). AfriForum encourages its members to plant indigenous trees that thrive in their environments.

“Arbour month offers the perfect opportunity to make a real difference in our communities and to invest in our future,” concludes De Klerk.

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