AfriForum stands on the side of law and order; questions selective prosecution and double standards in Groblersdal

Following the events in Groblersdal in the past few weeks, AfriForum condemns the actions of any organisation or individual that causes chaos in the community. However, AfriForum is at the same time strongly opposed to the clear double standards and selective prosecution that is currently taking place here.

Political parties, such as the ANC and EFF, are attempting to opportunistically exploit and escalate the tense situation in Groblersdal in the run-up to the 2024 elections in order to extract cheap political miles from it. There is an undeniable attempt to destabilise the community. AfriForum’s safety representatives in Groblersdal are in possession of footage of protesters consuming alcohol in public, and of busses with which thousands of protesters from outside the community were transported to Groblersdal. Yesterday AfriForum representatives also had to defuse a situation where protesters claimed they had been instructed to target specific businesses.

However, it is worrying that only protesters in support of the accused are currently being prosecuted, while inciters and lawless individuals on the side of the ANC and EFF escape prosecution.

According to Llewelynn Hemmens, AfriForum’s Head of Security for the Northern Region, AfriForum is squarely on the side of law and order. However, an essential aspect of law and order is the consistent application of the law. AfriForum’s top priority is to safeguard the Groblersdal community and to ensure that the tense situation does not escalate further.

“Those who break the law, incite violence and lawlessness, and cause chaos in the community must be consistently prosecuted. Double standards are indefensible and only escalate the tension further,” says Hemmens.

“AfriForum’s community safety structures have been in Groblersdal since last week to ensure the safety of the community here and to protect possible vulnerable targets of destabilisation, such as schools, retirement homes, and members of the community. AfriForum is also establishing a permanent neighbourhood watch in Groblersdal to play an increased stabilising role in this community,” concludes Hemmens.

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