AfriForum steps up security presence in Groblersdal amid ANC and EFF plans of destabilisation

While the political situation in Groblersdal rests on a knife’s edge and the ANC and EFF gathered there in large numbers, AfriForum announced today that it stepped up security here to protect the community even further.

This tense situation is related to the bail application that was heard in the local court in the so-called Groblersdal 2 case. A man and his stepson are facing charges of assaulting a security guard. By late afternoon, it was announced that their bail application was denied.

According to Llewelynn Hemmens, AfriForum’s Head of Safety for the Northern Region, AfriForum is establishing a permanent neighbourhood watch in Groblersdal to play a greater role in stabilising this community.

AfriForum’s community safety structures have been present in Groblersdal since last week to ensure the safety of the community here and to protect possible vulnerable targets of destabilisation (such as schools, retirement homes, and members of the community) amidst rising tensions.

In the meantime, AfriForum maintains a clear line of communication with the local South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure that the situation here can be peacefully defused. In addition, AfriForum wants to ensure that any lawlessness and intimidation are prevented.

“Parties such as the ANC and EFF are clearly trying to opportunistically exploit and escalate the tense situation currently in Groblersdal to take advantage of it in the run-up to the 2024 elections,” says Hemmens.

“AfriForum stands squarely on the side of law and order and our safety structures will play an increasing role in keeping the Groblersdal community safe and secure during this court case as well as thereafter,” concludes Hemmens.

AfriForum encourages all community members, and business owners in particular, to report any cases of intimidation or damage to property to the SAPS, and to provide AfriForum with information regarding such complaints.

AfriForum will keep its members and the public up to date with developments. All updates on the situation as it unfolds will also be provided on AfriForum’s social media platforms.

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