AfriForum welcomes Gupta arrest

AfriForum welcomes the arrest this morning of at least one of the Gupta brothers, as well as other suspects.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the pressure that AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit led by Adv. Gerrie Nel, as well as other civil organisations and the media exert on Government to do its work plays an important role to help assure that corrupt officials are prosecuted by the State.

Kriel points out that Adv. Nel and his team have been busy with investigations related to information leaked in the Gupta emails.

“It remains first price that the State does its work to prosecute corrupt people, and AfriForum therefore views the action against the Guptas as a victory for all organisations and individuals who combat corruption.”

According to Kriel, AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit will continue to closely monitor the prosecution of the Guptas and their allies, and intervene if necessary.

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