AfriForum Youth on 10 April 2021 assisted in Volksrust to clean up the local cemetery to make it more respectable. After community members approached the youth organisation for assistance, five new slashers were purchased with which to tackle this project.

“The problem originated after the local municipality stopped all maintenance at the cemetery. The community had had enough and wanted to do something about it. On 10 April both young and old entered the cemetery and started with the clean-up. Even local businesses offered their help on the day,” says Petri van der Walt, AfriForum Youth’s National Coordinator for Town Structures.

Some of the tombstones in the cemetery date back to 1851 and there is also a wall of remembrance on the site. There will again be an opportunity to further clean up the cemetery in May.

Talks are currently being held to establish an AfriForum Youth branch in the community so that the youth can become more involved with such projects that are tackled in the town.

“It is nice for me to see a community cooperating so well and taking responsibility themselves as far as the clean-up of the environment is concerned,” says Van der Walt.

Become involved with AfriForum Youth today and help make a difference: Send an email to petri.vanderwalt@afriforum.co.za or SMS “Jeug” to 32687 (R1).

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