In a letter to Prof. Wim de Villiers, rector and vice-chancellor of the University Stellenbosch today, AfriForum Youth submitted commentary on the proposed second version of the US language policy. 14 August is Afrikaans Language Day.

Amongst others, the student organisation petitions that both Afrikaans and English be used fully as undergraduate tuition languages. Practical solutions to stably manage this model are also offered. AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that an additional language can be implemented as tuition language should there be a need for it, such as the Nama, San and Khoi languages. IsiXhosa is also a possibility that could be considered. AfriForum Youth’s document also gives commentary on the shortcomings of the policy.

“The policy is compiled in such a way that if the US presents only two subjects in Afrikaans, according to its own rules it can still describe itself as multilingual,” says Bernard Pieters, Manager of AfriForum Youth. “There are no practical solutions, objectives or goals in the US’s language policy, it is only lip service for those who do not read the policy themselves.”

“The repeated use of the word “functional” before certain undertakings and terms is a clear indication that the US is allowing itself room to phase out any form of Afrikaans without contravening their own laws or rules or those of the Department of Higher Education,” adds Pieters.

If you want to find out more or get involved with AfriForum’s tertiary or town structures, send an email to jeug@afriforum.co.za, with your campus, town or city’s name in the subject line.

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