AfriForum’s Alberton neighbourhood watch receives shooting training

On 6 October 2018 the AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Alberton received shooting training at Sport Adventure Shooting in Walkerville during which 12 neighbourhood watch members were taught various safety techniques. The neighbourhood watch members had to, among others, cover 3,2 km in 40 minutes by foot with a backpack and afterwards immediately take aim at a target from 50 m out.

“The shooting training was a huge success and the skills learnt will enable each participating neighbourhood watch member to act within the framework of the law during an emergency situation,” says Louis van Aswegen, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Alberton neighbourhood watch.

“It is important to sharpen our communities’ safety and readiness and initiatives such as these offer proactive solutions. The branch is thus planning on presenting similar safety days for the neighbourhood watch in the near future during which the focus will also be on other skills training and safeguarding techniques,” concludes Van Aswegen.

Become involved at your local AfriForum neighbourhood watch today: SMS “Alberton” to 45342 (R1).

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