Are you a victim of racism or false racism allegations?

AfriForum’s private prosecution unit is currently assisting three young people who were allegedly falsely accused of racism by a TikTok user. The TikTok user now faces a criminal investigation for her alleged false and damaging accusations of racism. The unit is prepared to assist more people who are falsely accused of racism.

The unit previously declared in public that false accusations of racism should be treated just as seriously as true accusations of racism. False racism destroys lives and bares the same consequences as cases where racism can be accounted for. The accusations are painful and lacks mutual respect which can undermine a person’s worth.

Are you a victim of false allegations of racism? Let us know here or support our cases.  

Please ensure that your case complies with the required guidelines before you report the case to the unit.

Guidelines for pursuing legal action in false racism cases

  • Do not hesitate to make your voice heard – someone will listen and help you.
  • Collect and keep extensive evidence, including videos, photos and other relevant documentation.
  • Initiate legal proceedings at your nearest police station promptly to protect your rights and reputation.
  • Do not fear being labelled as a victim; speaking out is essential.
  • Recognise that false racism allegations are as significant as racism claims.
  • Refrain from responding to the false allegations on social media. However, monitor and record incidents of abuse flowing from the false claims.

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    If you do not have a case to report, you can still give your voice to AfriForum’s private prosecution unit to help fight similar cases, and to protect and help innocent people.

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