EFF totally fails to bring the country to a standstill

The EFF’s spectacular failure to bring the country to a standstill shows once again that the party has very little support and that the public does not resonate with radical rhetoric.

Although the party tried hard to create the impression on social media that they had disrupted the country, it was clear that most people went about their day as normal.

Although there were sporadic cases of violence and vandalism by EFF supporters, the cases were isolated.

“Today’s failed attempt by the EFF to disrupt people’s lives makes it clear that the greater majority of the country’s citizens do not share the EFF’s radical views. The party also underestimated communities’ readiness to secure their territories,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

AfriForum’s more than 160 neighbourhood watches nationwide have been on standby since yesterday and have responded swiftly where there have been incidents.

AfriForum’s safety structures will continue to monitor the situation.

Get involved with your nearest AfriForum neighbourhood watch at www.afriforumbuurtwag.co.za.

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