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Dr Joe Phaahla, the Minister of Health, published proposed amendments to certain regulations in terms of the National Health Act 61 of 2003 and the International Health Regulations Act 28 of 1974. The new health regulations will permanently enact supposedly temporary health measures afforded to the government during the state of disaster. AfriForum strongly and unequivocally opposes the amendments to the regulations. On Wednesday 13 April we submitted a letter of demand that also serves as our written commentary. The letter of demand serves as a warning to government that AfriForum will initiate litigation if the regulations are put in place.

  • There will be mandatory medical examinations, isolation and treatments for people with notifiable medical conditions.
  • Anyone who enters or exits South Africa during a pandemic who does not have a vaccination certificate will have to provide a negative PCR test that are not older than 72 hours.
  • Restrictions will be retained on night vigils and after-funeral gatherings, for example funerals that are limited to 100 people.
  • Indoor and outdoor gatherings may be occupied up to 50% of the venue capacity if vaccine certificates are required for entry. For gatherings where vaccine certificates are not required, limits of 1 000 people for indoor and 2 000 people for outdoor gatherings will apply.
  • Social distancing will be a permanent regulation.
  • Face masks will be compulsory for indoor gatherings, entering public premises and public transport.
  • Hand sanitisers will become permanent at all entrances to public places.
  • The new regulations will also enable the consideration of other restrictions between different government departments that among others relating to curfews, lockdowns, economic activity and the sale of alcohol.

AfriForum will begin preparing its court documents for potential legal action. Since the implementation of the draft health regulations cannot be prevented by interdict, AfriForum will litigate to review the regulations as soon as they come into force. However, there is still time to send your commentary in opposition to the illegal and irrational regulations to the Department of Health on our website before the August 5 deadline.

Add your voice to AfriForum’s opposition to this anti-freedom, unconstitutional amendment by sending your objection the Department of Health here:

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