Phele sign here!

It is already 10 months later and Parys has less water than ever.

Look what Mokete Phele promised. Parys is still in a state and Phele did not keep his promises.

Help us demand Phele’s resignation.

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29 November 2023


I hereby wish to, in fact, I have to, resign from my position as acting Director :Technical Services in the Ngwathe Local Municipality.

Reasons for my resignation:

  • On 22 February 2023 I promised the community of Parys that in six months’ time the whole of Parys will have water, otherwise I will resign. It would have been possible by providing water through a pipe that I started laying. It is November, they have less water now than in February, so I have to keep my promise and resign.
  • Both AfriForum and Save Ngwathe warned me and pointed out that the pipe was completely wrong, but I was adamant that I was right and arrogantly persisted to continue with the pipe. As I am wasting/stealing the community’s money that is paying my salary, I must therefore resign.
  • I am not qualified for the position I am holding now and I feel that I have to resign to give a competent and qualified person the opportunity to do a proper job.
  • Because I failed to properly and honestly communicate with the community, I must rather resign.
  • As I am busy with another dodgy, below standard pipeline that will be used in a town, coincidently in the street where I am renting, I need to resign before I get caught out.

I sincerely hope that you will accept my resignation.

Kind regards

Mr Phele

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