Petition against Oudtshoorn Municipality to oppose unfair increases in rates and taxes

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is acting unfairly towards its tax-paying citizens and sending them into hardship. The worst drought to have ever hit the area with its devastating impact on the local agricultural sector, as well as the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of the KKNK resulting in immeasurable damage to our tourism industry, should be reason enough to demand that the exorbitant increases in tariffs, rates and taxes be stopped. Independent studies have shown that Oudtshoorn’s property taxes are disproportionate compared to the neighbouring and comparable towns.

The proposed increases in rates and taxes have already been published on the municipal web page. The planned increases range from 6% to 12%. You can add your voice to our complaint against this exploitation. Give AfriForum’s Oudtshoorn branch the mandate to oppose this on your behalf, by signing the petition.

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