Petition for improved road safety around Ashton College, Beryl Street, Benoni

Dear Benoni residents,

It is with seriousness and concern that we would like to draw your attention to an urgent matter affecting the safety of students and motorists around Ashton College, located on Beryl Street, Benoni. We request your support in the form of this petition to the Ekurhuleni Municipality, with the aim of highlighting the dangerous potholes that pose a real threat to our community.

There are several potholes in and around the college area that not only jeopardize the safety of vehicles and road users, but also compromise the structural integrity of the roads. Some of these potholes are of such a nature that motorists are forced to use the sidewalks to avoid them, leading to an increased risk of pedestrian accidents and vehicle damage.

AfriForum, as a community organisation, aims to protect and promote the interests and safety of the community. We appeal to the Ekurhuleni Municipality to heed our urgent request and take immediate steps to address and repair the potholes around Ashton College. The safety of students, motorists, and the community as a whole is of paramount importance.

We call on all concerned citizens to support this petition by providing your signature and mandate. Your support can make a significant difference in achieving our goal of improving road safety and repairing the potholes.

Let us stand together as a community and voice our call for a safer and better road environment around Ashton College. Your support is invaluable and can have a positive impact on the safety of our beloved community.

Please provide your signature and mandate below and help us urge the Ekurhuleni Municipality to take action.

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