The police force should lie with the community

When it comes to government agencies tasked with fighting crime, AfriForum believes that a decentralised approach would be more appropriate than a centralised approach, because units located within a specific area are often more attuned to the needs of the community and, as a result, can respond more effectively to a specific type of crime committed in their area. AfriForum’s position on crime is to advocate for a decentralised approach to policing and envisioning a “golden triangle of security” involving community, private security and police collaboration. AfriForum’s commentary on the Draft National Policing Policy (NPP) critically addresses various aspects of the proposed framework. AfriForum expresses concern over the policy’s lack of detailed insight into the challenges facing South Africa and the SAPS and the policy’s lack of specificity in achieving these goals.

The police force should lie with the community. Support our case here:

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