Pongola branch renovates airport with #OurTown campaign

The AfriForum branch in Pongola has refurbished the local airport and made several improvements, after the uPhongolo Local Municipality failed to meet its obligations to maintain the airport. Safety lights were replaced, the grass along the runway and around the buildings was cut, and the stripes on the runway were repainted.

“It has come to our attention that the condition of the airport is not up to standard and that it is unsafe for aircrafts to use the runway. Our branch has decided to take action and made several improvements as part of the #OurTown campaign,” says Alton Vlok, Chairperson of the Pongola branch.

“It is important for the Pongola community that the airport is up to standard, because all the other airports are very far from the town,” says Eugene van Aswegen, District Coordinator of KwaZulu-Natal.

AfriForum’s Pongola branch will continue to ensure that the airport is maintained.

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