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Senior police official intervenes after Private Prosecution Unit assists family

AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit on 16 November held a constructive meeting with Col. Phillip Abakhole Maluleke, the Commander of the Brooklyn Police Station’s detective branch, as well as the family of the man that was found dead in a bathroom in Menlyn Mall in January 2020. Col. Maluleke indicated that the fraud case which the complainant laid in October 2020 was reopened. He also gave an undertaking that he will investigate the alleged misconduct of police members at the relevant police station.

This follows after the complaint of the father of the deceased and the complainant in a fraud case was described as “false” and closed within eight minutes by the detective branch of the Brooklyn Police Station in October 2020. The Private Prosecution Unit also laid a service complaint against the relevant police captain in this regard after an official threatened to arrest the complainant seeing as he ostensibly opened a false case.

“AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit welcomes Col. Maluleke’s decisive conduct in this case. All that the family wants in this case is that the case be investigated thoroughly and Col. Maluleke assured us that it will in fact happen. He also undertook to carry out the necessary investigation with regards to the conduct of the relevant police official. We will still stay involved in this case and continue supporting the family in this case,” says Natasha Venter, Adviser for the Private Prosecution Unit at AfriForum.

Read the previous media statement here.

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