AfriForum will appeal after Dundee farmer’s bail was denied

The civil rights organisation AfriForum announced today that it will appeal against the Glencoe Magistrate’s Court’s decision to refuse bail to Garth Simpson, a farmer from Dundee. Simpson is charged with murder after an incident on his farm a few weeks ago.

AfriForum previously announced that it will assist Simpson with legal aid because it already appears that there is political interference in this matter.

AfriForum appointed the criminal law expert Dr Llewelyn Curlewis to investigate the matter and make recommendations to AfriForum. According to Curlewis, Simpson’s version is, from a purely legal principle, a full-fledged defence against the charge(s).

“We believe Mr. Simpson has a strong defence but it would appear that he has already been convicted by the public, therefore it is worrying that he has been denied bail. The fact that opportunistic politicians have already started to cause unrest around the issue is also extremely disappointing,” says Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s Head of Policy and Action.

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