Delmas branch launches clean-up initiative

On 12 August, AfriForum’s Delmas branch, in collaboration with members of the volunteer group Delmas Herleef, and The Wild Bunch MC Revolution Chapter, a local motorcycle club, tackled the entrances to extension 4 of the town and several empty lots in the area and collected rubbish. This action was launched because the garbage makes the town unsightly and makes residents feel discouraged.

The clean-up initiative took place under the watchful eye of the Delmas branch’s vice-chairperson, Jolene Rheeder. The Rheeders’ orange tractor, now standard “AfriForum equipment” during clean-up initiatives, was also put to work with Hennie Rheeder at the wheel.

At the same time, Rheeder and his helper, Robert Mahlangu, attended to the safety of an AfriForum neighbourhood watch member by cleaning a neglected, vacant smallholding adjacent to her property. This came after she was harassed a few times by miscreants who sought refuge there.

“It was heartwarming to see how many volunteers, including young children, participated in the clean-up initiative. Seeing that Delmas has won the title of Town of the Year for 2023 because of the Delmas Herleef group, it is a great honour for us that members of this group were involved in our clean-up initiative,” says Carel Botha, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Delmas branch.

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