Water lettuce in the Vaal River

You have the right to a clean and safe environment.

It is time for the responsible parties who are polluting our Vaal River to be brought to book.  

Fill in the link to file a human rights violation complaint against the following parties:

  • Johannesburg Municipality
  • Emfuleni Municipality
  • ERWAT (Ekurhuleni Municipality)

A copy of your complaint will also be sent to the minister of water and sanitation to bring the matter to his attention.

The poor management and derelict condition of the sewage works in the three respective municipalities has caused an excess of E. coli. to flow into the Vaal River. As a result, the excessive amount of nutrients in the water along with favourable water temperatures have created the perfect conditions for the growth of water lettuce and hyacinths. These two alien invasive species which have been classified as weeds are now taking over our precious water source.

While the community has already spent more than R6 million to get the water lettuce and hyacinths under control, these three institutions are simply continuing the pollution, and they are nowhere to be seen to solve this environmental crisis.  

It is time that they are brought to book for them to solve this mess. Send us your complaint so it can be investigated.

AfriForum, in cooperation with the community, is also in the process of spraying the water lettuce with Kilo Max herbicide to get it under control. We are also making an effort to remove it from the water.  

The state has allocated only R2 million to address the crisis and has done nothing as yet to get it under control. The community has to do it themselves.

We are also appealing for donations which will be used to compensate pilots to spray the plants with a weedkiller; as well as for efforts afterwards to remove the water lettuce from the river.

Banking details:
Account name: AfriForum NPC
Account number: 62349898398
Branch name: FNB Centurion
Branch code: 261550
Reference: Vaalrivier

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