Sentencing of Malinga expected to commence in January

Various witnesses yesterday testified for the aggravation of sentence at the sentencing proceedings of Khumbulani Malinga. These proceedings will resume on 10 January 2021 when Magistrate Andreas Masteroudes is expected to sentence Malinga. Malinga was found guilty on a charge of culpable homicide in the Middelburg Regional Court in October. He plead guilty on this charge after killing Lizel Visagie in March 2019 by hitting her with his vehicle. AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit is currently on a watching brief in this matter.

During the incident, Visagie pushed her then minor daughter out of the way of Malinga’s vehicle while he was busy fleeing from the traffic police. Her leg was severed during the incident and she passed away on the way to the hospital.

Yesterday, the traffic official from whom Malinga fled during the incident testified about the horrific scene, as well as the fact that Malinga ran four red traffic lights after the traffic official had pulled him over. Furthermore, the mother of Visagie, Marie Hamman, testified about the irreversible effect that the loss of her daughter has had on her and her family’s lives, as her daughter was financially assisting her and due to the fact that her granddaughter had to emigrate after her mother’s death to live with her father. Malinga also testified and presented mitigating factors to the court.

“AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit is of the opinion that the sentencing proceedings have to date progressed smoothly and that justice will now also be done in terms of sentencing. We welcome the eventual decision of the National Prosecuting Authority to prosecute the accused to ensure that he can now be sentenced for the atrocity that he committed,” says Wico Swanepoel, lawyer at AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit.

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